Concrete Tools

Dakota Equipment Rentals is proud to offer a great selection of Concrete Tools. Give us a call to rent and reserve our quality equipment.

Edging Trowel


Power Trowel

36" Wacker Combo Blades

Power Trowel

48" Wacker Combo Blades

Screed, Wet

6', 12', 14', 16' bars Wacker

Mud Buggy

16 cu.ft. capacity, Stone

Mud Vibrator

13ft Shaft, 1"-1 3/4" Heads

Concrete Mixer

Small Electric

Concrete Mixer

9 cu.ft. capacity - Gas

Mortar Mixer

6 cu.ft. capacity - Gas

Truss Screed

32' Hydraulic MQ

Hand Tools

Floats ,Fresnos, Brooms, Edgers ,Rakes, MISC

"I can call Dakota Equipment Rental anytime and they are quick to get me what I need. They have experienced mechanics, a wide variety of large or small equipment and now carry tires in any size I might need for my pickups and trucks. Their customer service is exceptional."

Matt Polich - North Star Construction