Concrete Tools

Dakota Equipment Rentals is proud to offer a great selection of Concrete Tools. Give us a call to rent and reserve our quality equipment.

Edging Trowel


Power Trowel

36" Wacker Combo Blades

Power Trowel

48" Wacker Combo Blades

Ride On Trowel

CRT48-37V Wacker

Screed, Wet

6', 12', 14', 16' bars Wacker

Mud Buggy

16 cu.ft. capacity, Stone

Mud Buggy

Tracked, 16 cu.ft. capacity

Mud Vibrator

13ft Shaft, 1"-1 3/4" Heads

Concrete Mixer

Small Electric

Concrete Mixer

9 cu.ft. capacity - Gas

Mortar Mixer

6 cu.ft. capacity - Gas

Truss Screed

32' Hydraulic MQ

Hand Tools

Floats ,Fresnos, Brooms, Edgers ,Rakes, MISC

Concrete Blankets

12' x 24' Rent or Sale

Core Drill Handheld/Mounted

Various SIzes Available

Hammer/Concrete Drills

Various Sizes

"I can call Dakota Equipment Rental anytime and they are quick to get me what I need. They have experienced mechanics, a wide variety of large or small equipment and now carry tires in any size I might need for my pickups and trucks. Their customer service is exceptional."

Matt Polich - North Star Construction