Mini Excavators

Dakota Equipment Rentals is proud to offer a great selection of Mini Excavators. Give us a call to rent and reserve our quality equipment.

Bobcat 418

2600lb 6' Dig Depth Width 28"

Wacker EZ28

6600lb 8.5' Dig Depth

Bobcat 35E / Wacker EZ38

7780 lb Thumb Option 10.5' Dig Depth

Wacker 3503

7800lb 11' Dig Depth

Bobcat 50E

11,500 lb, Thumb Option 12' Dig Depth

Wacker EZ 53

12,200 lb, 12' Dig Depth

"I can call Dakota Equipment Rental anytime and they are quick to get me what I need. They have experienced mechanics, a wide variety of large or small equipment and now carry tires in any size I might need for my pickups and trucks. Their customer service is exceptional."

Matt Polich - North Star Construction